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You don't need recruiters to hire. Post your job - get talented candidates. Employ the power of AI to simplify hiring.

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How it works

Hiring can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. We are here to assist you at every step of your hiring journey.

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Your company's own career page

Once you create your company profile we generate a career page for all the vacancies that you post as well as information about your company to attract talent. You can integrate it with your company site or share it with your network to get all applicants in once place.


Gather applicants from your network in one place

No more cluttered mailbox. Create a vacancy and share it across your social media to attract candidates across your network in once place. There you can track and filter all candidates in one spot.


Streamline your hiring using simple Kanban board

We know that keeping track of each candidate can be overwhelming. Use our kanban board to track the status of candidates.


Directly reach out to candidates

Hire faster by directly reaching out to candidates and request them to apply for your jobs.


Look beyond resumes

On OneApply, you don't just see candidates' resumes; you can explore their projects, view their skills, and interact with their profiles to understand if they are the candidates you are looking for.

Dashboard view

Thousands of great companies trust OneApply with their hiring. Join them now!

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